• two high-quality 4500 Lm video/data projectors Eiki LC-XB42 an Sanyo XU105 with composite, RGB and SVGA inputs
  • twelve-foot retractable projection screen, moveable (requires installation)
  • five DVD players, one Blue Ray Player
  • 12x16 freestanding portable projection screen


  • audio and video cabling of various types and lengths (1/4", XLR, RCA, mini, etc.)
  • Makie CFX16MK11 Mixer, 16 channel
  • PA system with Yorkville Ap1020 power amp, 4 Yorkville YX10's, 2 Fender PA speakers, and 2 additional speakers
  • four Shure SM-58 and one Shure SM-57 microphones, two Dixon MD1605 mics
  • one Zoom portable digital audio recorder
  • four microphone stands with boomarms 



  • theatre lighting grid, and ten Lecolites and two fresnels controllable by a two-scene manual lighting board
  • complete lighting grid with 65 X 100 watt Halogen lamps


  • 400 sq foot carpeted 10" raised portable stage in 4'x4' pieces
  • one 20'x14' black acoustic curtain and two 10'x14' black acoustic curtains
  • six portable walls (one 8'x8'x2', four 4'x8'x2')
  • various sculpture stands and display tables
  • 140 chairs
  • nine 36”x36” tables
  • assorted fold-out tables