Plants in Residence

Sergio Rojas Chaves
Plants in Residence
Saturday, June 4, 2016 (All day) to Sunday, September 11, 2016 (All day)

By donation


Throughout the summer, Open Space will be the host to some new, unusual guests as a part of Sergio Rojas Chaves’ project, Plants in Residence. Lodging a series of houseplants throughout Open Space’s facility, Rojas Chaves will explore distance, displacement, and belonging through a focus on houseplants. Through the project, Rojas Chaves will investigate the interdependent relationship between people and houseplants; the aesthetical function that plants play for humans, while also reflecting on the plants’ need to be cared for in domestic scenarios. As an artist who lives between Victoria and Costa Rica, Rojas Chaves’ is particuliarly interested in dialoguing about exploring the ‘otherness’ in a community. Rojas Chaves has been engaging with houseplants since 2014, when he started a series entitled, Houseplants on Tour. In the earlier performance, Rojas Chaves took tropical houseplants on walks, while engaging with conversations of the public and the plants’ owners. Rojas Chaves hopes that spending time with the plants will encourage Open Space staff, volunteers, and visitors to reconsider to the parallels between our own living and growing within the organization.

Curatorial Statement: 

"I am interested in the role these plants will take during their residency...Hopefully by the end of the residency they will become an active part in the functioning environment of the gallery/organization. I am sure that by September these plants will belong at Open Space."
—Sergio Rojas Chaves